Sham is a Rapper/Singer/Songwriter That has performed on stage with some of the most influential names in the music industry today such as Akon, Sean Paul, Ne-Yo, Jay Sean, Loon, Omarion, Lloyed, Shaggy & Blacksteet. 

Sham - Miss You

Sham - Morning Light

Sham - One & Only

Sham - Let This Girl Know

Sham - Celestial Goddess

Sham - One & Only (REMIX)

Sean Paul & Sham After the Show They Did

Shout Out From My Boy J Boog For My New Album Sham ( Take Your Body Over)

Jay Sean & Sham After The Show They Did

Behind the Scenes for Sham- Morning Light Video Shoot

Sean Paul & Sham After The Radio Interview

The Making of "Sham - Just A Dream" By Daniel E. Amaya

Sham Interviewed By Nokia Inside Edition HipHop Dubai

Sham Interviewed By DJ Bliss Twenty Something Dubai One

Sham Opening Up For Omarion ,Lloyed & Black Street West Cost Customs Show Dubai

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